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Earn A Living As A Ticket Broker

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A ticket broker earns a living selling concerts tickets, movies and other show tickets to buyers who can’t find how to book tickets for the show they’ve been waiting to watch for a long time. These buyers have been through counters and not got tickets and are looking for ticket brokers to sell them those tickets at any cost. Don’t worry about the time of recessions and depending completely on your regular job salary. Earn a living as a ticket broker, you don’t need a job in any company to get over expenses anymore. If you decide to be a ticket broker you must also know how much of comfort, fun and excitement there is in this job. You can simply stay at home and work on your computer. It is like any other comfy online job that gets your bank account good and respectable income coming in. This job also helps you get tickets cheap for yourself. If you’ve always had to step back because of the price of the ticket of the specific show, being a ticket broker you get the tickets at the original price and you can make for the price after selling ticket to others at a higher price. Therefore the show is yours at a very low cost. These are the things you will need to do if you decide to be a ticket broker:

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1.     The Work: Working as a ticket broker is simply a buying and selling business. You buy tickets and then you sell them. It is something retailers do. The ticket brokerage could earn you a lot more money in a very short period of time. It is like a part-time business with a full-time income. The work needs a part of your time, speed and sense. Take for example, a music concert. And you have to earn by ticket broking from this concert. What you do is, you buy a bunch of tickets for the price it offers and then sell it for more than double that price. Don’t worry, there are people who will pay you that much just to enter the concert. Timing is the most important here. Nobody likes to pay more than the actual price of anything and neither do you. When a show is announced in your city, what you need to do is book as many tickets as you can and then wait for the time all the tickets are sold out. Now you have tickets with you more than required. You will sell these tickets at a higher price to gain your income. For example: If the ticket a show is priced at is $20, you buy around 10 tickets at $20 each, so you spent $200 for the tickets. Tickets for a good show are sold out within a week. You will see people looking for ticket brokers, find these people and sell them your tickets at $40 per ticket. You get $400 for those same tickets and make $200 profit in a week’s time. This was if you purchase only 10 tickets. Of course you can purchase more than 10 at a time and charge more than double, it’s your choice.

2.     How Careful To Be: It is not a difficult job, but every job has its pros and cons. You need to gauge every possible detail before taking up any job these days. The ticket broker job doesn’t guarantee 100% income security. There are many who have fallen into heavy debts because of loss in the business. Thus it is better you know it properly before falling from frying pan to fire. You will need a credit card to sell tickets on a website at a price more than what is printed on the ticket. Basically it is not the right thing to do in public. It has no reputation in society, and people think of it as illegal business. Well, is it illegal? Yes, it is, but not everywhere. Most of the states have rules and regulation against the act of selling tickets at a price more than it costs. But people still do it to make a living out of it. It is not drugs so the police are not so strict about it but it is done in hiding. It is done through websites. When you start broking tickets, be sure you don’t brag about it even to your closest friend; this might put you behind bars for a high penalty to pay. Being careful will keep you secure. Some states demand a license of you to register as a ticket broker. This is a safer way to work; you don’t have to hide your work unless you’re ashamed of it. It is good if you check with the laws of the province you reside in.

3.     Helpful Facts: Know about a few facts that will prove helpful later in your business. You might be having your own set of questions in your mind right now. Some of them might be; how many ticket brokers exist in your area, how much and how hard a competition you will have to face, what you will need to start-off with the work, the costs, etc. Among these million questions in your mind you will learn the answers as you go. You need to first start with the work. To start with the work all you will need is money to spend on the ticket in the beginning i.e. to buy these tickets and then finding avenues to sell them again. As many into the business are fresher’s like yourself, you will probably have competitors with doubts like your own. What you need to do is research before getting into anything. For some helpful facts, there are thousands of them but not all of them sell online. There are many who move around physically and sell tickets, these are college students selling among their college mates but because known people bargain, these brokers don’t earn much. Selling to unknown customers gets you out of the bargaining area. You can register on eBay, Craigslist and Stubhub for selling or you can log in to other less known tickets selling sites like; TicketsNow, EveryTicket, RazorGator, OnlineSeats, etc. If you go searching on Google you will find many sites like these but not all of them can be trusted. Due to frauds buyers prefer well established sites to buy tickets.

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4.     Be Sure To Research: Here’s where you use your time. Before the whole city is made aware about it, you must know about it. Keep checking on the news from time to time about bands and their moves. Make connection with other brokers, they should be friendly to you or they will hamper your business. You need to do extensive research about the events going to be held in your city. Find out the date and time of these events. If there are more than one events going to be held and you have to choose only one of these events to do business, see which of these events fall on weekends and choose that particular show. This way you’re sure to sell all you buy. In case it is not in your city, you can still do business. You can buy tickets of events being held in other cities and sell those tickets online anywhere in the world. As we know these days tickets can simply be a computer printout. Find out about the date of sale of tickets. Wake up early that day and make sure you make enough purchases and if the tickets have advance booking, all the more better. But before you go in for it, always check if the event is popular among people, else you will have to face losses in case you don’t sell any ticket. If it’s a band performance, check where else did the band perform and how was the public reaction. What might be of hindrance is the number of tickets one person can buy at a time. It is better if there are no credit card limits to block your business growth.

5.     Making the Purchase:  Here’s where you use your sense. Look for when the tickets are being sold and if it is a presale or on-sale going on. For purchasing in presale you will need a specific password. Sometimes on-sale tickets differ from presale tickets; this is done by the company organizing the show and selling original tickets to avoid brokers from buying tickets and selling them in black i.e. at a higher price than that of the cost. So you need to be careful of that too. While you research you also have to find out about how the event management committee has been dealing with ticket brokers. Learn from others experience and prevent falling into loss. Apart from ticket brokers nobody waits for the exact time the ticket selling goes live. So you have less competition when you find out the exact time of the beginning of the sales so that you can buy as many tickets as possible before they are done for the day. If you plan to wait around and not buy tickets that come in the first round you might get an offer in the second round. There are the risks of course that the tickets might get sold out; you’ll have to make the correct decision. The work needs experience so that you can make appropriate decisions on time. With no experience you might find it difficult due to unfamiliarity.  In case you’ve lost all the tickets, you can visit Craigslist, eBay and sites selling tickets for deals that will get you a few tickets but they won’t give you enough profit. Possibilities are you will run on a loss. It would be better you look out for other shows and not delay the next time around.

6.     Selling and Earning: Once you’ve made the purchase what you do is register on a website you can sell them. First fix the rate of the ticket you’re going to sell. How do you fix the rate, if the tickets are still available on sale by the company you’ll probably have no customers. In case you do have some because somebody just bumped into your page and doesn’t know about the concert, the pricing of the tickets, etc, it’s your lucky day. You’ll have to take help of a little bluffing, like telling that the tickets are sold out and you’re the only one left with a few to sell, this will force the buyer to take tickets from you at the rate you say. Some of the most famous places to sell your tickets are Craigslist, eBay and Stubhub. These sites are visited by most of the ticket brokers all over the world. Buyers can get tickets at all prices here. Therefore even buyers prefer to visit these sites to buy tickets in black. What you will need to do is register here. To sell, you might have to pay the price of registering. To buy, you get to register for free. Craigslist is good for local shows in town. It is better you choose eBay for out of station shows. eBay charges less fees than Stubhub and it is considered the largest place where things are sold, these things include tickets. The customers are more on eBay than on the other two sites. Hence you’re sure to have a good business going here. Craigslist has its bargain hunters, not as many customers as eBay but the competition is same here too. As far as Stubhub is concerned, it charges huge fees but quality customers visit Stubhub and buy tickets at high prices, higher than you can charge on eBay. Basically Stubhub charges more to get genuine sellers instead of frauds and eBay has many frauds selling things online because of the low fees they charge. What you need to do is build a reputation, give away your e-mail ID to these customers who buy from you and ask them to contact you and you contact them directly when there’re shows in town.

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