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Earn A Living As A Seamstress

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A seamstress is a female clothes maker who makes and repairs clothes for individuals and establishments. This job requires dexterity, coordination and a zeal for perfection. If you want to earn a living as a seamstress, you must have the necessary requirements. The following information will help you to know what the job entails.


Starting a career as a seamstress requires at least a high school diploma but many employers prefer to hire individuals with a little experience as well. Having an associate degree in fashion design at a community college or a vocational school will go a long way in giving you a general idea of the skills required to earn a living as a seamstress. Subjects such as fashion design, clothing selection and history of design are taught by professionals that are in the fashion industry. Some classes take a year and half to be completed.


Any aspiring seamstress need to take some courses to sharpen her tailoring skills. They include pressing seams, drafting for pattern application, machine applications and fusible interfacing.  Although a few employers provide training for their employees, you stand a better chance of getting a good job if you have already acquired additional knowledge by the courses you have taken. Enrolling in an associate degree program gives you access to practical application in pattern drafting, measuring, sewing and so on. You will be able to know how to handle delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere and also how to work with strong ones like cotton and wool. This type of training will surely help you to become a better seamstress when employed.

Work as a professional seamstress

A seamstress can begin as an apprentice before becoming an experienced one. Apprenticeship helps you to learn and acquire valuable skills and techniques that have to do with clothing alterations and garment repair. Seamstresses may work independently or may work for Laundromats, clothing stores, bridal shops or tailor shops. If you have garnered adequate experience, you can earn a living as a seamstress by opening an alteration shop of your own. It is important to ensure you have a database of satisfied customers and clients if you desire to open your own business. This category of people would not mind patronizing your services anywhere you are.

Knowledge of machinery

It is also important to know a little about computers and electronics because machinery comes in different models. With improvements in technology, they are likely to become more complex. A basic knowledge of machinery prepares you for versatility. You will be able to adjust to any changes and also work in a cross-cultural environment and as part of a team.

Job outlook

A seamstress can decide to work full-time or part-time. It is a job with assurance of continuity and growth because people will always require clothing repairs and alterations. As long as you are skillful and attentive to details, you will never lack customers and clients to attend to and you can earn living as a seamstress. After a period of time, if you so desire, you can decide to specialize in other areas.

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