Earn a Living as a Realtor

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Earn a Living as a Realtor


A real estate agent or the estate broker is considered as the person who is acting as the intermediary between the buyers and the sellers of the property and is attempting to find the sellers who are willing to sell the property and buyer who are willing to buy the property. To become a licensed broker or agent most of the states wants that the candidates should have the proper knowledge with respect to the state licensing exams. This type of education is generally provided by real estate brokerages as the means of finding the new agents. When the person gains the license then he/she becomes the licensed real estate agent. They are the one who earns a lucrative commission when they sell off any of the houses, commercial properties and the acreage.   Real estate is considered as the wired business but is one of the biggest pillars in America and does contribute a lot to the economy.

Challenges and Essentials of Becoming a Real estate Agents

The life of the real estate agents is full of challenges, and should have exemplary wonderful working. He/she is considered as the work horse of the estate industry, as he is also known as the negotiator, a consultant, a marketing guy, an analyst and sometimes also performs the services for the appraisers. He doesn’t have any time bound to work and always do beyond the stipulated time and accommodate the people according to their requirement. There are few tips which need to be given to the candidates who were willing to go ahead with the career. The following tips which will be helping the candidates are mentioned below-

  • It’s a sheer business and should not be taken as hobby

The time has changed and the real estate agents have also taken the benefits of the technology enhancement. Due to which they are able to provide the users or their customers with the appropriate information with regards to the statistics, market analysis, expert opinions and a proper guidance. The technology has also given them the power to provide the appropriate comparisons with respect to the market.  Real estate is strictly considered as a business and not a hobby. As it’s about money making and one could not be careless in the working because if you don’t take the work seriously you would be losing lots of funds. In case of an agent you are considered as the independent contractor, which means that you can manage the things on your own and are not under the guidance of any one. It’s going to be your call whether you need to work on it or not, but have to be cautious about each and every deal. The only fact which needs to be kept in mind before joining is that you should enjoy the working and should be confident of what you are working on.

  • How to grow the business

It doesn’t matter what business you belong, but what matters is that how you handle the issues or the problems which are faced by you guys. In real estate, one of the greatest challenges is that there are few people who are reputed. There are going to be new buyers who would be searching for the houses or the properties. How to deal with different kind of the people depends on your skills and judging the requirement of the user. The demand of the services with regards to the property or the real estate is going to be quite low and will depend on the requirement of the users. The success will depend on the number of leads which you are going to have and also should be able to provide the house or property according to their requirement. The word of mouth is quite essential in such a business. Please try to showcase your presence on the site, so that people come to know about your company.

  • Interaction and Relationships

Communication plays a crucial role in the selling of the property or the house to the client. In such a profession the most important point which needs to be taken care of is maintaining the proper relationship with the people who are looking for the house or the property. Not only that, you should be well aware about the changes occurring in the market. As relationship is considered as the bread and butter, it means that you should be aware about the ways in which you could increase your relationships. There are many ways like getting yourself linked with the leading networking site and developing your website where you could share the information with respect to your working and the appropriate deals or some offers if they are going on. The real estate is all about the locations and one should ensure that you are interacting more with the people in and around the community. You could meet the people all across the areas like clubs, join the association of the realtor, attend the Government meetings etc.  Try to solve the issue of the people with your interaction in the stipulated time span. The reputation which you are going to gain is your community and this influence is only going to provide you with ample profit and benefit. The deals which you crack should be handled mutually and should not be any hassles for the clients so that they don’t get irritated. Important and crucial step which needs to be taken care of is maintaining the relationship for the longer period and establishing a greater network by showing your presence online.

  • Personality development

One of the essential qualities of the real estate agent is that you should be well equipped with the means of communication and expressing the things in the well defined or dignified manner. You need to groom yourself up according to the requirement of the profession. Few things which a business man should keep away from their business are the relationships involvement, politics etc.  According to the guidance of the people or the real estate agents, sense of the boundaries and the moderation are the key for the success of the business. Ensure that the customers are happy to share their requirement with you and do suggest your work with their near and dear ones. Please make sure that you are able to provide the clients with the best deals.

Apart from the above tips there are many more tips which need to be taken care of like – you should be sure about the deals which you are offering and have an in-depth knowledge with regards to the market and the dealings which are being offered. Make the technology, your strongest point and enhance the business with the help of the technology. Try to incorporate all the latest development with your business and benefit from it.

Top properties hitting the market in Current scenario

There are wide ranges of properties which are making rounds in the market and one has to be keen when one is working in the real estate sector. The secret which lies over here are that how are you going to find it and present it to the clients. The clients don’t like to wait for longer duration and wants that their work should be completed within the time span which has been provided to them. The different kinds of deals are mentioned below:

  • Raw land

It depends on when you purchased the land, sometimes it could be beneficial. They are not best option as they don’t produce the cash flow, but can further be improved by enhancing it and can add some value to it. It can further be subdivided and can also be sold as the profit to the other people.

  • Investing in Farming

The products which are produced on the land could be used for yielding money and gaining the profit from the products.

  • Small Apartments

They are made up between 5 to 50 units. Such kind of properties are going to be tough for financing as they are going to rely on the commercial lending standards rather than on the residential renting standards. They are excellent with respect to the cash flow but are too small for the larger or professional people to invest in it.  The values of such properties are based on the income which is being brought. These properties are the great places for utilizing on-sight managers who are performing the things in the appropriate manner.

  • Larger Apartments

They are the ones which are available all across the globe and are quite nice in their looks and appearances. They generally include the facilities like pool, clubs, work-outs, proper security and full time staff for cleaning and maintenance purpose. But such properties do cost somewhere around 10s of millions of dollars for buying but can provide the user with the solid returns with minimal hassles.

  • Apart from the above, the real estate agent or broker can also work on properties like large and small commercial places, Industrial properties, Mobile home parks, R.V. parks, Motels/ hotels, office complexes etc.

Another means to earn a living as a Realtor can be by sharing or teaching information with respect to the Real Estate field. In case you are an expert with regards to the field, then surely you can earn some extra living by doing the following – Consultant ( you can share the crucial information with respect to the industry of the real estate.), Blogging-( another new and innovative platform where you could share your experience with respect to the real estate), Retirement specialists ( is similar to the consultants, but is focusing mainly on helping of the individuals, investing in the real estate and helps in achieving their retirement goals), Author(apart from the above, there are many realtor who love to share their experiences while writing books and inspiring people to take over as the realtor). Some other options are by becoming the front seat at the Television media (and helping in handling the queries and issues by interacting with the people. It could be via the CNN, MSNBC, FOX etc. which could be interesting and enjoying), Public speaking, infomercials etc.

Showcasing your photography skills

To earn a living as a realtor, you can also showcase your potential by clicking some wonderful snaps as well as doing the video and presenting it to the clients.  Due to this the clients won’t have to visit the site and can go through the presentation without any issue.  For promoting your work you can use the internet and share your views with respect to the designs and the infrastructures which you want to show case. Another important feature which could be incorporated with your working is the art and the brokerage studio.

Some of the truisms which need to be kept in mind with respect to the real estate agents are – they are the one who are going to earn more than the sales persons, technologies need to be handled with proper means and manner, age and experience does matter with the industry.  The best part is that you can work either for the full time or as the part time.  As there is no specific restriction with respect to your working the only requirement is that you should be well aware about the facts and the features of the real estate which are on-going in the market. In the market, there are lots of changes taking place which needs to be incorporated according to the use and requirement of the clients. The income will depend on the number of hours you are going to add to the work and on the word of mouth of the client.  One should be abreast with all the latest development taking place in the industry and making the best use of all the technologies which are increasing on the regular basis.

Finally make sure that you are in the community of your real estate agents and do keep on interacting with regards to the latest developments and issues being faced by them. Join some of the forums where you could share your issues and get the right and proper response in the market and increase your fame. Knowledge sharing can provide you with better opportunity and benefits.

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