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Today, we will define the role of copywriter , copywriter alias , alias copywriter . Here is a simple definition of copywriting : Copywriting is the use of words in order to promote a product, person, business , opinion or idea. It’s simple right?


There it you just marketers and copywriters who use copywriting everyday ? I think you use every copywriting everyday , without you realizing it. You use it to convince , seduce and sell . Examples: ·         An email to convince your boss that you are the right person for this new project .·         A poem in a greeting card to seduce a heart.·         A resume to sell yourself to employers .·         A blog post to engage readers and encourage them to subscribe.·         An ad to sell your car.·         An email to invite all your friends to your annual BBQ .·         A letter to convince your neighbors to give to a cause dear to your heart.       Everyone staff copywriter .

However, there is this profession where you work as a freelance writer ( or a marketing agency ) as a copywriter ( copywriter ) . Your customers require you to write texts ( advertisements editors , any media type) that will promote their company or their products and services. Many professionals , as elsewhere on the web , make calls to the services of copywriters to improve their response rates to advertisements or simply to sell more products . The work of copywriters can be so profitable that some companies employ full- time copywriters .

In reality, anyone can write a text to promote its products and services. However, the copywriter knows the formulas that have been proven. A good copywriter is like a good photographer. Anyone can click and capture pictures in auto mode with a digital camera. But few people know how to use the camera in manual mode (ISO, aperture, shutter speed) and manipulate light with flash, reflectors and wireless receivers. With this knowledge, a banal portrait can be transformed into an original portrait. Like photography, copywriting has several dimensions.

In photography, we must listen to the customer and understand what he asks. You have to plan a photo shoot (location, equipment, style, time, light, etc.). We must position our model, although adjusting his camera, although its flash metering, make sure the background fits well with the main subject, and while keeping our model at ease on camera . Make sure to take multiple pictures of the same scene before trying something new. And when all this is over, we go in the darkroom to make the adjustments necessary to perfect our photographs.

In copywriting, it’s the same thing. First, you must meet the customer and understand what he expects from you. Then you need to read and search in order to understand the subject. Next, you need to draw the reader’s attention with a magnetic basis. Thereafter, you should write your text and read it. Then you need to rewrite and rewrite and reread and reread until it reaches perfection. It is said that the best copywriters are in fact the best copyREwriters. Those who are rewriting their texts until they are impeccable.

For superior results, make sure to write simple sentences, short and fluid text that reads continuously. Subsequently, you should test different titles and different texts in certain customer samples. Some of your advertising copy will have little success with certain types of clients, at certain times of the year, in different media. It is therefore essential to test and test and test. Finally, your ad text must seduce and convince up to readers to act. Being a copywriter is to use the methods of copywriting to create a captivating text that will convert the purchaser player. To win the hearts of its readers, the copywriter might have to draft a letter to dozens of pages. We may also ask him to write a title, slogan or the text of a brochure for a service or any product.

The copywriter has to write an advertising text quality   What are the key words I associate with good copy?

Clarity: The average internet user consumes a tremendous amount of information every day. Rest assured, your reader will not go further than the second sentence of your text if you are not clear.

Simplicity: The words and turns of complex sentences do not belong in a good ad copy. The goal is not to impress the reader, but to seduce him with an offer he can not refuse. Use simple words and short sentences for best results.

Interest: Your text should not only be interesting, it must keep the player sat on the tip of his chair. If you do not manage to keep the attention of the potential customer, it will pass just to the next page. Tell a story that your reader will love and you will increase your chances of convincing him to act.

Seduction: It is possible that your customer has never heard of your products and services. If this is the case, your ad text must first attract her attention, inform and then seduce him. People buy for emotional reasons. Like the legendary Zig Ziglar said, “People do not buy for logical Reasons. They buy for emotional Reasons. “Sale: Some ads are created to entertain. This may seem like a good idea for some companies that want to be remembered them. But in general, it is better to concentrate to write texts for sale, not for entertaining texts.

My first experience as a copywriter & coach marketer

There are a few years of that, I built a website ads for pets. My goal was to create me a second source of income to increase my contributions to my investment account. Before starting the project, I was optimistic and believed that everything would work great. All I have to do is have fun building the website and then, Google would undertake to find me customers visitors. Well, let me tell you that I was wrong. I hit a wall, because I thought it was very easy on the web. When I finished my website, I had no visitors.

I thought that my website would have been an instant success since it was still no classifieds site for animals in Quebec. After a few months in the construction site, many similar sites have appeared and I quickly lost the motivation to continue the project. But before leaving, I decided to invest my time writing letters and emails to invite community partners to visit my website. It was at that moment that I realized the power of ideas and words. With these words, I managed to survive my website. I say “survive” because I have a few dozen visitors daily. Without these advertising texts, my website would probably be in the trash Today. As you can see, this story is far from having a huge success, but with experiences like this that I discovered the art of creating the texts to influence and persuade. And the web is the perfect place to start. Later, I had some other opportunities advertising editors, among others, the one where I won $ 500 in a few hours. 

Who needs copywriting & coaching marketing? 

 Whether it’s on TV, in newspapers, on buses or on the radio, advertising is everywhere. Each of these ads, logos and slogans was first written on paper. Was charged the marketer of drafting a pub to seduce and convince the reader (or listener) to buy a product. Is it enough to describe the product as the best to sell more? No. The work of the copywriter is to inform, to persuade and win the heart of the drive for the latter buys the product. Have you ever heard of Stephen King and Agatha Cristie? Of course! It is said that these authors have a way to write and compose texts that appeal and mesmerize their readers. After several readings of these works, readers become instantly hooked and eagerly await the release of the next book.   

Earn A Living As A Marketing Coach & Copy Writer : The 7 Commandments for freelance

 online marketing coach

* entrepreneur, you will be

A freelance copywriter is an entrepreneur . It produces , sells , he gives it invoice. Not oyster . It is an oyster farmer and freelance . And intends conducting a sustainably profitable business.

While it is good copywriter , its offer is quality. This is a plus, but not a sufficient condition. To achieve sustainable and profitable activity , it must also know how to manage a project, monitor its billing , administer, get clients , namely meet their expectations and their issues , negotiate, lead a team , and above all offer a reliable service , meet its commitments and meet its deadlines.

How to sell , how to negotiate , how to gain visibility and notoriety , how to settle on time , how to continuously optimize my skills and the quality of my services … as many questions as any good freelance copywriter is ever to arise.

* by iteration, you will progress

You do not have to end before it began, to succeed before he tried to finish before starting. Working in iteration make your job easier every step of the resolution of a deliverable. Only one rule: finish what we start.

Write, is progress. Like the sculptor who works his material gradually Sides raw block of marble, it draws silhouettes and traces the outlines of faces, refines, polishes before polishing his work, you add steps.

Based on an approach of Kaizen philosophy which aims to teach how to achieve perfection by trying to focus on incremental improvements every day, my theory is this: work iteratively allows surely and quickly advance in the resolution of a designer working freelance copywriter.

First, in all circumstances, you will find the impetus to launch you into the fray of a creation. You do not have to start with the most difficult, if it helps you make the first step, start with the simplest. There will be time to improve your work-in-progress. This is also the advantage of the iterative work: it allows you to optimize your work throughout the creation process.

* deadlines , you shall set

No work without time required, not available immediately. Set a time frame you will surely move towards its resolution. Whether you or the client who decides the date of delivery must be determined before starting work. Fix yourself a time limit. It is a golden rule.

This estimated time presents thousand advantages. For one, it will be easier to start a mission. If you have a catalog of 120 pages or web banner to fall, the magic numbers is there to save you. All tasks are similar, whether simple or complicated, they are units of action and they need to move forward in an allotted time. On the other hand, fix the completion time imposes an estimation work and arbitration that makes your overall understanding of the work you have to do.

Other interests: to defeat the inevitability of the law of Eddie Murphy. The more you work on a project that has already reached an optimum stage of completion, the more you will be wasting. This time below which you skimp and beyond which you will spoil your work has a name. This is the optimum time.

* the brief , you read

Designer freelance copywriter , you’re also a technician. The amateur hack , professional conducts .

The creative process begins with the brief . For each subject, a suitable technique for each objective , a sum of procedures. Remember, there is a stop not to be missed. Unable to zap , otherwise irrelevant, essential springboard to start a project , compass during the resolution of the temple guard when available : the brief .

Brief No , No Gain .

Build and read the brief is the sixth commandment of copywriter ( freelance) . No job is started if you have not read and understood the brief . As half of a problem is solved when we have understood the question. Read brief moves forward quickly, check your path in the Advanced deliverable .

*Organized, u will be

The secret of a good organization? 1 = 2 available tools in your arsenal: The method NERAC + the single-tasking method.

The method NERAC: Note- Estimate- Reserve- Arbitrate- Check. Especially useful for saving time and hyérarchiser his schedule, it is also very effective to close the shop. Everything is recorded, everything is under control, you can draw the curtain. JRTT. Sunday. Very useful to balance work and private life, closely interlinked when working freelance, NERAC the method is one of two pillars of productivity.

STAY FOCUS. Stay focused. the second secret of productivity is the method that the Anglo-Saxons call Single-task or single-tasking. This is to stay focused on one task at a time. As a narrative sequence of dramatic piece. Unity of place, sight and action. The narrative sequence control 5 criteria: an initial situation, disruptive, adventures, a balancing element, a final situation. Cf the secret Grand productivity, to understand better.

Stay focused time you have decided on a single production. This is the best way to produce quickly and well. That does not prevent you to manage multiple projects at once, it is simply a mode of production that allows you to optimize your work time for the duration of your task. You want to be productive? Produce the highest quality in an optimal time? Set a time and work on a single task over the entire period.


* the procedure , you will follow


Keep in mind your goal. You work to get paid. As a freelance copywriter, you charge a service and you do it for cash settlement. The kickoff was given? The finish line is clear, it is the deposit of a check stocked in your account in banks.

Some inexperienced principals take you (top) to the bohemian just rent her arms, came from the suburbs to beg for work. They will imagine you are left with two right arms. Manant came the societal periphery mangy leprosy, forgotten happiness, disabled the function, sub-sum shit … according to their level of experience, their deep nature and mood, you will be judged and “driven” with more or less insight, faced contempt, disdain, stupidity, and sometimes, I confess to murder desires. Do not panic. Stay strong. These contractors are thankfully easy to recognize. These are transsexuals. Or women (young).

*Free,you will live

No appeal, no net. If you unscrew the loose rope. Now, the key man in the room is you. Freedom is a medal. It has its advantages but also its drawbacks. Learning to manage stress will be greatly beneficial.

Active living is anxiety. This is not a scoop. Employees, Patterns, Frames, Entrepreneurs, Unemployed, Freelance, everybody freaked. As an independent you will manage concerns which are less exposed employees. For example, stress that can be born of too much porosity between work and personal life.

To stress the creative, you now add the stress pattern. How many missions will be invoiced not in six months or a year, but the next few months, the time they will be held, etc …?

How to beat stress? Stress does not exist, there are only stressful ideas. The environment, circumstances, events? These are part of the picture, but the picture is elsewhere. The truth is you. Like gangrene, like a magnet, stress takes the reins of your consciousness, but stress is embodied, your consciousness is not stress. These are ideas and all ideas as you can control. Stress is your conscience what birds are in heaven. Elements of decor

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