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Digitize Photos & Documents for Cash

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Digital revolution: End of 20th century and the entry to the 21st century is the era of digital revolution. The whole world underwent a great migration from analog to digital systems. Everyone knows that the system of the microprocessor based computers work on digital or binary coding using “0 or 1” in various sets of combinations. User inputs from keyboard or mouse or for that matter any type of inputs like scanner or cameras might be in a user friendly form like alphabets, or simply images or documents. Those inputs might be in analog form also. But computers treat these inputs as signals or information or data and convert them into digital format for its internal processing and to give the user a desired output as per the standardized or designed programme.

How do images process in a computer?

The information or data received by the computers are stored in binary formats of “0s and 1s” at the machine level and at this level to process the data for our use, exchange of information within the system is done in binary only. For the benefit of users the files are grouped into word documents, excel calculation sheets, presentation slides and images. Output is stored in the form of files of typical formats. Documents are stored (MS systems) as *.doc and few other formats. The images are stored in formats like jpg, tiff, png etc., for different types of transport of the images digitally from system to system, or for quality and usage. To take printout of photos we need better quality pictures.

What decides the quality of a photo? 

Resolution of an image or photo decides the quality. The number of pixel per square inch displayed on the computer is the measure for the resolution of a picture. The greater the number of pixels or the resolution in the display, the greater is the quality of the picture. There are standards of resolution measured in Pixels per Inch (PPI) in the case of the monitors or the display units like TVs also. Some monitors of older version have a resolution of 640×480. Monitors of today are capable of producing display of, 800×600, 1024×768 and 1280×1024 pixels. The higher the pixels ratios, the more crispy pictures can be displayed by them.

Why should we know about these standards? 

Resolution standards and the implications of the pixel range is very important for those who enter into the business of digitization of photos by scanning and other methods, as well the digitization of documents in the same manner. The term dots per inch (DPI) are indicative of the black and white display periods but still it is used for the printing devices. As explained earlier the PPI is related to the measurements of picture quality of today. But DPI and PPI are interchangeably used in describing the resolution capability of scanners and graphical images, such as digital photos. A minimum of 72 DPI is needed to get a clear image on the monitor screen, but for printing a photo we require minimum of 250 to 300 DPI resolutions. Digital cameras of today are coming with resolutions in Megapixel. A 10 MP camera captures 10,000,000 pixels pictures. These standards are to be kept in mind when processing the digitization of pictures.

How much digital space (Bytes) and size do they occupy in the computer as files? 

A 4×6 size image of 300 DPI occupies a size of 1200(4×300) X1800 (4×600) of a matrix grid. A 3×3 pixel image has 9 pixels in total., so 1200×1800 pixel matrix pictures has 2,160,000 pixels i.e., 2.16 MP. One pixel consists of 3 primary colors RGB, is stored in one byte for each of the 3 colors. Therefore, 1 byte is equal to 3 bytes. If our image has 9 pixels, then the picture is 27 (9×3) Bytes sized. 2.16 MP pictures have a file size of 2.16×3 bytes= 6.48 Megabytes and we call the file size as 6.48 MB. This way one can arrive at the optimized file size when digitizing photos professionally for making money’

Digitizing Photos Using Scanners:

 Photos can be digitized in many ways. Simple scanners to multi photo scanners are available in the market to scan the objects and give a soft scanned digital copy of the photo on to your computer simply. But here also one has to take care of the wanted size, format not losing the original photo quality. A minimum of 300 pixels quality is required for taking a printed output with good quality photo output. Scanner for getting 600 DPI resolutions is found around $ 100. When scanners are used to digitize, the distortion percentage from the original picture is reduced much. Some settings of the scanners for resolutions and format bring out the best result without much skill and knowledge. But the dust particles present on the photo and scanner bed can diminish the quality of the portrait.

Digitizing Photos Using Digital Camera: 

Variety of digital cameras is available in the market. Cheaper to costly camera options are open for buy. Old photos and documents can be just clicked and this digital photo can be uploaded to the computer and posted online for a price.

Opportunities and limitations: 

There opportunities for this kind of business and job as well to earn money. There are historically important value based old pictures are available in photo formats and such offers are available in the net and one can search and locate these offers. Friends and relatives, family tree photos, old civilization scenarios photos, old city/town panoramic views, sports and arts in action of yester years are some of the photos have ever green money value for digitization requirement.


Challenges like an order from a customer may flood to you to digitize more than 1000 photos as one order. This job has to be completed shortly and complied with the request. Scanners will not fulfill this need. Branded companies like Kodak Photos take up such works at low cost using mega scanners which can scan hundred photos per minute and complete the job in shortest time and your delivery is ensured to your customer. The information given in the given link helps to commence a business. For effective sales of the digitized pictures following steps will be of much helpful to earn money.

How to earn regularly from digitizing photos? 

Photos of rare and historically important events, royal wedding and festival in a church or temple, nationwide election process like events might have been in some attic or loft of your house or somewhere in your friends house you may locate them.  Rush up and digitize this variety of photos. One can go for a contract with any of these companies through the web sites and upload the photos onto their servers over FTP. These sites also attract buyers, who generally from publishers, news magazines, individuals, institutions etc. They are ready to pay fair price for photos from the stock. As soon as the sale is completed and money realized, you will get your share as per your contracted agreement. Some websites place the photographers under some levels and elevate them to higher levels based on their quality of output and the number they submit to them. To ensure the quality of photos submitted by you, periodically you can go for review of your photo quality and develop skill and knowledge.


Start up to make money through digitizing photos or documents:

§  Business proposal with plan
§  Legal and statutory issues like Permits and licenses
§  Work space
§  Insurance cover
§  Scanner and accessories, power and maintenance support

Before starting a business one need to get trained and invest money to get the above startup capital and infrastructure build up and training with support of skilled persons.

Following suggestive steps may be of helpful to you.

1.    First decide on the one of the two above. The document scanning business training is faster and requires moderately sophisticated equipment. The photo and image scanning business needs advance education and uses higher-end color scanners with experienced persons in the use of few associated software programs.
2.    Create a business plan for both businesses. Free business plan assistance is available from the U.S. Small Business Administration or Service Corps of Retired Executives websites can be used purposefully.
3.    Apply for a local business permit and state’s department of revenue or taxation for the required and necessary tax licenses. No special licenses or permits required to start a scanning business.
4.    Rent in a work space or your home for scanning business. In spite of other difficulties space required for photo scanning is smaller, but document scanning requires warehouse space for delivery, storage and pickup of large quantities of documents later on.
5.    Obtain business liability insurance to safety of your business and satisfy customer concerns. You may also be required to sign in a surety bond for document scanning contracts for health care, insurance company and large corporate accounts, as they are the major resources for your business.
6.     Purchase a scanner that suits for document scanners and they must be high-speed gray scale units with built-in document feeders for volume work. Photo and image scanners are to be color scanners of flat bed or drum variety. They are to be more sophisticated and expensive because of increased capabilities
7.     Market as usual, your scanning business with business brochures, cards, advertisements, and other methods applicable. Customers for document scanning will include those involved in health care, government, military, insurance and other corporations.

Selling digital photos online gained appeal recently. The reason is the fact that a lot of people are looking for ways to earn money know about digital photos has a demand. How one can make money online selling digital photos? Choosing the appropriate type of picture files and sizes based on the needs. Some of the photo sites that provide support for evaluating the selling your photos online are Shuttershock, Fotolia, BigStockPhoto, 123RF, Dreamstime and Istockphoto.

Why to digitize all documents using some software other than scanners:  Basically it saves time, money and maintenance of the scanner. Electricity expense is also much reduce by way of eliminating the use of the scanner. Use of software scanners brings more accuracy, speed and saving in the form of PDF files.

ü  It is more accurate, human independent, formatting standardized using the software. On  a local data network all the staff can share on a LAN system and produce more output
ü  Such shared documents can be used for the work flow and visibility.
ü  PDF file when created suing the software, optical character recognition enables easy searches, for use. This is not possible in the case of scanned and digitized documents.
ü  Because of these facilities a lot of time is saved and productivity is increase due to the surplus time and labor cost
ü  There is scope for further improvement.
ü  Documents can be authenticated and secured for the use of the organization. But the end users have the same access facilities and can do the job
ü Scanning the hard copy documents directly using the software makes the document available for sharing and further use or archiving. No where copying, printing and distribution of the documents I involved. There is a saving on stationery and time. There is no repetition of any work. There is absolute reduction in recurring cost.
ü  Above all the documents are retrievable and accessible with security from anywhere.
ü No doubt that quickened invoice process quicker realization of the money from the customers. Better service is given to the customers, clients, suppliers, contractors and colleagues.
ü  Most important benefit is that the rate of flow of cash is increased.
ü  Better ROI and better growth.

Ensuring regular earning in this business requires a lot of patience, but ever active role to locate and be in regular touch the sources of this business like educational and academic institutions, libraries, Corporate companies, archaeological departments, treasuries and revenue departments, Customer application maintenance departments and other such growing potential business groups.

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