Develop An Affordable Diet Plan To Earn Quick Cash

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The weight loss niche is very big and it gives a lot of people the opportunity of earning an income. If you follow this short guide, you can develop an affordable diet plan to earn quick cash. These tips will work easily for you if you have a degree in a field that is related to nutrition. If you do not have such a degree, you can partner with a friend who does.

Requirements For Creating Your Own Diet Plan

You need a reference book that contains a comprehensive list of foods and their nutritional values. You also have to know which of these foods are easily available in grocery stores. You will also have to get a few pictures of people who used to be slim and are now fat. These will be used in reverse for your before and after photos.

Focus Your Book On An Obscure Area Of Nutrition

This is going to be the secret of your diet. You cannot use carbohydrate, protein, fiber or fat because these have been overused by several authors. A few examples that you can use include potassium, zinc, sodium and so on. All you have to do is to find out the effect of these elements on the body in relation to weight loss and repeat it over and over.

Choose The Foods For Your Diet Plan

The next step in making money with your own diet plan is to choose a list of foods that will be used for your book. These should be a list of items that cannot be easily purchased at a normal grocery store. It will not be so attractive if the menu items are too common. Fruits and dairy products are good to include on your diet plan because they cannot be kept for long.

Make sure you include a lot of items that sound healthy even if they are not significantly so. Good examples of this include cottage cheese, plain yogurt and castor oil. The items should also be repulsive so that they will help to suppress the appetite of the people who buy your book. Examples of repulsive items include Brussels sprouts, spinach, boiled plantains and so on.

Choose A Schedule For The Diet Plan

Making a schedule is not difficult. The time span has to be short so that people will be encouraged to try out the diet plan. The best selling diet plans usually promise results in a matter of days. So stick to 5 to 7 days.

The Promise Of Weight Loss

You have to let people know that they are going to lose weight if they use your diet plan. This is why you want to develop an affordable diet plan to earn quick cash. A promise of losing 3 to 4 pounds per day will get you a lot of attention. You can say something like “lose 8 pounds over the weekend”. Publish your diet plan in eBook format and make it available on the internet. Remember to include the before and after photos.

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