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Buy Cheap Gas Prices In The USA And Canada

January 4, 2013 by: 0

Most vehicle owners are not comfortable with the continuous rise in gas prices. If you own a car, your bank account will surely be affected by the amount of gas that you have to buy regularly especially if you commute long distances every day. Learning how to find cheap gas in your local area will help you to make some savings. Below are a few tips that will help you to get cheap gas prices in the USA and Canada.

Take Notes

Get ready to do some research. Gas prices are usually different from one gas station to the other. Keep a notebook in your car and note the prices of gas at each gas station that you come across from day to day. If you do this for a few days, you will discover the gas stations that have the cheapest prices in your local area.

Always Buy From A Busy Gas Station

Try as much as you can to buy gas from a station that is very busy. Gasoline does not stay for extended periods in the underground tanks of a busy gas station. This means that every time your tank is filled, you will always have a fresh supply of gas. If you buy from a station that is not busy, the gasoline would have been in the underground tank for a long time and it may be contaminated. This means that it will not provide as much power as the fresh alternative.

Choose The Right Time Of The Day

Another way to get cheap gas prices in the USA and Canada is to buy at particular periods of the day. Gas is denser when the temperature is colder. The pumps at the gas stations are designed to measure only the volume of the liquid that is dispensed. Therefore, the best time to make your purchase is in the mornings and evenings when the temperature is much cooler. You will get a little more gasoline for the same price.

Other Tips

Raise the bottom of the nozzle as far up as it can go when you are filling your tank. This drains more fuel into the tank. If you do not drain the nozzle properly, you are leaving about half a cup of fuel for the next customer. If you do this every time, it will soon become a habit. You do not really have to buy high octane gas for your car. Regular unleaded fuel is what is recommended by most manufacturers so it is good enough for your car.

Use Online Resources

There are several online resources that provide information about where to buy cheap gas prices in the USA and Canada. Some of the most popular websites that you can check include Gas Buddy, Gas Price Watch and MSN Auto. You can find gas prices by location when you visit these websites. These services are very valuable especially when you are on a road trip. You can easily plan where to stop and fill your tank when you know the gas stations that have the best prices.

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