Build Social Network Accounts And Sell Them

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Nowadays, making money on the web requires some creative thinking. If you can come up with the right idea, you can definitely have your share of the millions that are available on the internet. Selling social networking accounts is not really a new idea but it is something that you can do to make good money if you are ready to work at it. What you will be doing is to build social network accounts and sell them to interested individuals.

Choose the best social networks

Choose sites that are very popular like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Pinterest. These ones will enable you to make more money. You will have to register several accounts on each of these websites. Each account must have a unique username and email. You may have to work through proxies so that your accounts will not be banned by the social networking site. Some of them have a limitation on the number of accounts that can be opened on one IP address.

Create accounts that look real

Every account that you create on each of these sites must look real. You must take time to fill the profile page with a lot of information about the fictitious account holder. You may also include one or two pictures. Once your account is ready, you have to start adding friends or followers. You should also ensure that each account has some activity. Interact with the friends and followers on each account to build some credibility over a number of weeks. The secret is not to have more accounts than you can manage. If they are too many, you may not be able to give them the attention that is needed.

If you are good at making friends, it will not be difficult for you to build social network accounts and sell them. It will not take long to have a sizeable number of friends at any social networking website. You can also consider using programs that will help you to increase the number of friends that you have for each account. Make sure you use those that will give you real friends and not fake accounts.

Protect your accounts

Social media websites have strict policies about creating multiple accounts. If you have several accounts on one IP address, you will attract unwanted attention. Many of your accounts can be deleted without notice if you do not take steps to protect them. You have to ensure that you use multiple IP addresses and keep a record of the IP that you use for each account. Once you can do this, you will be able to avoid losing your accounts.

Selling your accounts

The easiest way to sell your accounts is to advertise on internet marketing forums. It is cheaper to reach a larger number of people on a social network site than with methods such as email marketing. An online marketer with the right product can easily make a lot of money by marketing on multiple social websites. If you build power accounts on sites such as Propeller, Facebook, StumbleUpon, MySpace and Twitter, you will surely have a lot of buyers.

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