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Best Part-Time Jobs For Students

December 4, 2012 by: 1

College students are constantly looking for ways to meet their financial needs. Getting part-time jobs gives them that extra fund that will enable them fulfill their obligations while carrying on with their studies. It is also a way to receive practical training that might be useful to their career pursuit and future job opportunities. The jobs are numerous and readily available for any student who is ready to work. The following are some of the best part time jobs to consider.

Library Jobs

The college library is a good place to work because it is within the campus premises. Students can attend classes and work easily. It is a comfortable work environment that keeps the student focused. It is also a good place for studying when the individual is not too busy with work. Some of the tasks to be performed include, keeping books, library search data entry, and interlibrary loans management.


A number of professors need babysitters for their children and pets while they are at classes. Students who are good with kids can babysit for professors and other people’s children and get paid by the hour. It is a flexible job that can be worked to fit into the students’ schedule. The experience generated by this job offer might come in useful for job references and opportunities in future.

Computer Lab Attendant Jobs

This is one of the best part-time jobs for students who are computer savvy with great tech skills. Such an individual will not find it difficult to be accepted when such an opening becomes available. The student will be doing what he loves and getting paid just by performing some IT related tasks. This is a well-paying job that also offers the student a chance to improve on the skills and experience that will help build up an IT career.

Academic Department Clerical Job

There is a lot of work to be done in academic departments. From time to time, they look for students to hire on a part-time basis in order to assist secretaries to lessen their work load. Working in the academic department, the student will mainly be involved in sorting documents and paper work such as journal articles, faculty meeting notes, class handouts and so on.

Writing Jobs

Any student who has a flair for writing can conveniently take up this job as there are ample opportunities available. You can be asked to write articles, newsletters, reports for journals, magazines, and this could be either online or offline. The amount of money to be made depends on the number of articles generated. The more you write, the more you get paid. It is a good way to set your own income and work at your pace.

Hotel and Restaurant Jobs

This is a place to turn to earn extra cash. There are always openings for part-time work that students can easily make use of. An example is a desk clerk job. It is a job for students who desire a career in the hospitality industry as they will be gaining some experience. Perks like free lunch are also available.

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