Become Apple Authorised Reseller To Earn From Products Sales

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To become Apple Authorized reseller, you must be a business owner. A number of people want to be part of this business expansion opportunity because of its ready market. You will be able to buy and resell Apple’s hardware and software products to individuals as well as small and medium sized businesses. You are also trained on how to repair the computers and electronics. Being Apple’s authorized reseller to earn from product sales is an opportunity that should be effectively maximized.

Evaluate your business

To meet the basic requirements of an Apple reseller, you have to evaluate your business from the financial point of view because you are required to buy at least $100,000 worth of equipment every year. You also need to have an account with an authorized Apple distributor.

Assess your ability

You need to be sure that you have the ability to market and sell Apple products and meet up with the policies, terms and conditions required to be part of the program. You should be able to offer direct presale and post sale support for all the products.

Prepare your documents

Compile all the necessary documents for application. You are required to submit copies of your business liability insurance and business license. Photos of your business are also compulsory. These photographs should show that your business is professionally positioned if you are to be Apple’s representative in the sale of its computer and electronic products.

Prepare your references

Apple usually asks for three reference letters from reputable individuals. Contact any of your established clients or vendors for references. Professionals in the same industry who you have transacted business with can also be contacted.

Review your documents

Go through the requirements for application to be sure that all the copies are complete. The format to be used should be PDF, JPEG, GIF or PNG. Review the photos as well. Remember that these should be photographs of your sales location.

Go online

Visit the Apple Reseller program summary website and read the instructions. Go through Apple’s terms to be sure your business complies fully with all these terms. Look for the apply button to send in your application. When you qualify, you should be careful not to use Apple and any related names in a misleading way in the course of your business. In addition, your business photographs must never show you are using the Apple brand name to sell any of your existing products. These are policy agreements that must not be violated.

You must have the authority to provide the information that is required. There is an “I Agree” button that you should click to verify that you have this authority. On no account should you submit the application if you are uncertain of this fact or if you have partial or incomplete information.

The next thing is to wait for Apple to evaluate the application. If you are successful, you will receive an application approval email. Follow the link on the mail to accept this agreement. Congratulations! You are now an Apple Authorized Reseller to earn from product sales.

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