Become a Video Game Tester to Earn Huge Income

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Video game testing is considered as the subset for the games project developments. It’s the software development process which is used for testing the quality and control of the video game which has been developed till now. The major and the primary function of the testing is to discover and document the defects of the game. It requires the candidate to be expert in computing, analytic competence, endurance and skills evaluation. In the recent years the game testing has come under the fire and is extremely strenuous task to handle both financially and emotionally.

 video game

Roles associated with testing and their working

The roles and the regulations of the industry differs a lot and specially in the case of the testing part

  • Producers of the game are responsible for the planning of the proper testing guidelines and the deadlines which are co-ordinated with the timelines of the marketing team. So that the module or the package is ready before sending it for the clients working. Their approval is required when you are sure for submitting the item.
  •  Test lead or the Lead Tester or QA (Quality Assurance)-one who is responsible for checking whether the game is working perfectly or not and if not then highlighting the bug lists which could be sent again to the developers for improving them. They work closely with the programmers and the designers during the completion of the project. They are also responsible for tracking the bugs report and finding out whether it has been fixed or not. Also responsible for checking whether the quality assessment team is working properly or not. They check for removing the duplicate bugs reported and also waiting for the proper clarification with respect to the issues coming in. They are also responsible for compiling the representation samples of the footage of the videos so that it could be sent to the regulatory bodies like ESRB and PEGI. The person who holds this post is generally a qualified and experienced producer or aspiring designer.
  • Testers-are the one who checks for the games working status like the actions which has been set on the particular click is clear or not, whether the navigation is apt with the point of the user. They may be assigned with the single game during their entire production and should be aware about the working of the game. But he can also be shifted to some other areas of the testing which depends on the requirement of the team
  • SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test)- SDET is also mentioned as the technical tester. They are responsible for the building of the automated test cases and the frameworks for the problems which are complex in handling such as the overall game working and the security. They do have the strong software development skills but the skills will help the other tester in tracing out the bugs. But there are many scenarios when these testers are not at all required and the company can work without their help.

 Processes of Testing

The way in which the testing should progress is as under-

  • Identification
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Verification

How to become a Video Game tester

                                        video game tester

Here are few tips which could help you become a video game tester to earn huge income. Please ensure that you follow all of them with proper care and attention. Let’s have the look on them-

  • Enhance your Contacts

You just can’t wait and watch for the appropriate time to come and improve or explore your business. You would be only responsible for doing so. Please take the initiative to interact with the prospective clients regarding your work. Go straight to the companies who are into the world of the games and showcase your skills with respect to the video games.

  • Become a Professional

You should be confident in sharing how many games you have played and helped track out the issues which were on the video games. Spend more hours on the games which could help you in handling or judging the issues coming up on them.

  • Take the Tasks seriously and effectively

Be professional in handling the task whenever you receive it. The reading and understanding of the work is really important. If you are able to know the issue then that is when you would be able to track down the problem and send it. You should be sure of what kind of issues or problems the clients or the company is looking for, so that you could present them accordingly.

  •  Keep track of the work you are doing

The details of work have to be maintained and sent to the clients. Ensure that there are no silly spelling mistakes which generally do occur. Keep on taking the data backup of the work you have performed. Even if you are working for the fun of it, because it’s the record which can help you in case some times the issue arises on the system since you are not sure of what’s going to happen next.

  • Look for new assignments and its completion

After you are closed with the first assignment you would be highly excited to move further to another project. Do ensure that you are aware about the rules and regulations and the terms and conditions set forth by the company.  You can start building up your profile on the professional sites and get the feedback from the clients you have worked for, as their views would be an asset for showcasing the skills.

Who should go for video game testing work?

If you are really interested in moving ahead and taking video game testing as your profession, then you can look forward and take note of the following steps:

Firstly, if you are staying in the metropolitan cities then there must be possibilities of many of the video game companies in your vicinity. You can go over there and ask them regarding the testing work, check the classified ads which come in the newspaper and also from the websites itself.  In case of the classifieds you just fill the form and wait for the call. Network with your other gaming friends and try to establish the contacts inside the companies across your area. Ensure that what you are expressing should be in the appropriate terminology. For example, where you are applying for the job, you should be clear about your goals and aims and the field in which you are interested in.

Secondly, be professional in presenting yourself and the skills you are possessing in the interview.  The confidence which you show to them is only going to solve the purpose of your work on the testing. Speaking the appropriate technical terms and the terminology will ensure that you are serious and they would love interacting more with you and would be eager to hand over the work to you.

Thirdly, if you are using the game testing as one of the stepping stone for the game design then you need to make your credentials absolutely clear regarding the qualifications you are having and the other certifications with respect to your required skills.

Fourthly, reading and understanding the requirement of the client is quite important because based on that only you would be able to handle the work. Plan your own work pattern and stick to the rules which need to be taken note of.

The average game tester salary could range from somewhere around 15 to 20 thousand dollars per year and all the way up to around 80 to 100 + thousands per year. Other way round is that the earning depends on how many work or assignment he has taken up and what is he going to get on them.  There are many options for the testers whether they are working on the task to task basis or are working on the contractual basis or on the permanent employees of the companies. This all depends on the requirement of the client, like whether they are looking for experienced or the skilled tester or are looking for the fresher – to whom they can encourage and inspire them and train them according to their requirement.

The progress of the tester depends on the per project basis and does have some specific criteria which could determine who is the best. The testing job is not on the regular basis because, its requirement occurs when the project is about to complete or is on the verge of completing. Due to which you would have to search for some other work on the regular basis. May be there can be the chance that you will have to wait for the longer duration and then you would get the work according to your interest. The best way to keep in loop is by being in contact with your team members and the owners who have offered you the deal. Increase your social network with the help of all the social networking sites and also sharing your experience with your team members and the people who are raising the problems with respect to the testing.

Get involved with lots of testing work with respect to video games, as it is believed that once you are having the hands on experience you know where you need to dig the market and how to handle any issue which arises when you are testing.  As much as you practically work, you are going to reach the higher heights, which could not be accessed by any one. It’s your will power and understanding which is going to encourage you for moving ahead in the market. For testing the video games there are no specific age barriers set forth by the organizations.

Sites which earn you funds for testing games


Technology enhancements have encouraged many people to come forward and earn money online in their spare time. There are lots of sites which help the testers to come forward and get them-selves enrolled on their sites and earn handsome amount with their playing of the games and checking the quality of the upcoming games and providing them with the feedback. Based on the feedback they would be able to make the changes which could help them in making their gaming system robust without any issues on it. Due to which the popularity of the product is going to increase and people are going to love playing the game. As no clients or the users would love to play the games which are not error free and have lots of issues in it. So companies want that the testing should be so robust that whatever issues have to come should come in the stage of testing only and not when it is on in the market.  On the sites of testing you can select the work according to your time and the durations which you could handle. There is no specific time line that you will have to finally close the project within the stipulated time span. But in some cases you will have to spend some extra time and effort to track the issues as they could be the projects which are complex in nature and should be understood in the better manner. Especially the calculations part when the video gaming with respect to the trading or other devices are developed.

When you become the tester you would get the opportunity to deal with all the latest video games and review their work and send the feedback. As the feedbacks are going to provide the clients with the appropriate issues which are arising while the testing part was on.  With those feedbacks, they will assign their technical team with the issue and ask them to solve it. You would be also given the option of going through the codes, secrets and also would be given the opportunity of joining the seminars and the conferences which could help you in enhancing your knowledge and skills. The more you explore, the more you are going to gain….so keep on exploring without any hesitation and keep on gaining the experience of testing and brighten your future with the skill set. It is really worthwhile becoming a video game tester to earn huge income.

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