Become A Network Engineer To Earn With Telecom

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Working as a network engineer can be challenging but is is an enjoyable career that has a lot of prospects. It is also very attractive because of the high remuneration that can be obtained. Professionals in this field also have the chance to move on to other positions if they so desire. Below are tips that will help you to become a network engineer to earn with telecom companies.

Determine your starting point

The first decision that you have to make is where to start your career in the field of networking. Some people may choose to get a degree first while others may start with certifications. This really depends on your circumstance or personal preference. It is better if you can have a degree as well as certifications. A degree will provide you with a lot of knowledge about the IT industry. Certifications are designed to provide you with industry specific training that will enable you to work on certain platforms.

Experience is essential

If you want to advance quickly in this career, you have to obtain a lot of practical experience. It is vital to gain experience working on different types of networks. The best way to get the experience that you need is to get a job. You may be able to do some practicing by using a home-based network. However, you can only use this system to learn the basics of small networks. Nothing beats working in real life situations.

Look for jobs that require little qualification or experience

You can start your career as a network engineer by looking for entry level jobs that do not require any experience. You can search for these types of jobs through job portals on the internet. Look for the ones with job descriptions that you like and of course they should specify that no experience is required. You may not be paid a lot of money in this type of position but what you are really looking for is experience. The money will definitely come when you have acquired a reasonable level of experience.

Getting networking certification

Network engineering certifications are offered by a number of companies. The most popular ones are CompTIA, Cisco and Microsoft. The Network+ is a certification from CompTIA that cuts across all vendors. The Cisco Certified Network Associate is a very popular entry level certification from Cisco. The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist or the Microsoft Certified IT Professional certifications have different subcategories for networking. These certifications will provide you with a lot of knowledge in this field and will also enable you to get jobs more easily.

Other skills

If you want to be successful as a network engineer, you will need more than technical knowledge. Your ability to interact smoothly with other people and work excellently with a team will set you apart in your career. You have to work on your negotiation, communication and problem solving skills. If you are a good communicator, you will easily get jobs when you go for interviews. You will also be a favorite candidate for promotions.

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