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Become A Money Management Expert For A Debt Free Life

September 15, 2012 by: 3

Maintaining a debt free life can be assured if you acquire money management skills early in life because many people learn these money management skills through out their life and often only after debts have become unmanageable.

If you are considering a debt free life, becoming a money management expert will be helpful as money management skills will help you organize your personal finances more efficiently. Better still, you can help others by providing financial advice on how to improve or manage their personal finances for a minimal fee.

Learn Money Management Skills

Money management can be simply defined as a way of using different financial methods to handle income and expenditure efficiently. The first step to learn money management skill is by using simple tools such as financial budget including a spending diary to monitor exactly where money is going and what can be cut back on to minimize outgoings.
You can apply the option of setting up a monthly budget and stick to it to reduce your spendings though this can be difficult in the beginning but it can soon become second nature once the savings become substntial.

Cut Back On Unnecessary Spendings

If you are heavily dependent on credit cards when purchasing items then you are ignorantly wasting your hard earned money on interest fees. You should always keep a watch on your credit tools to keep abreast of interest payments on usage of the card annually.
Though there are some credit products that are unavoidable such as mortgages, you can avoid interest fees payment by making use of your debit cards and cash for your shopping.

Organize Your Debt Repayments

If you are a monthly salary earner, you should take the step of organizing all debt repayments to leave bank accounts on same day. It should be noted that the repayment date should be as close to the salary paid into the bank date as possible. Doing this will limit the chances of spending on the salary before repayments are made to creditors.
This way, the chance of missing debt repayments and incurring late and missed penalty fees is eliminated. By logic, if you incur late penalty fees every month, you will be wasting hundreds of pounds or dollars in charges every year.

Financially Live Below Your Means

Living below your means does not really mean living like a pauper or a monk but it means becoming financially responsible. You will eliminate the need to borrow or use credit when you live below your means thereby helping you to save money and stay out of debt.
You will notice healthier bank balance in few months if you observe responsible spending habit as this could mean cutting down on night outs, clothes shopping and unnecessary impulse purchases.

Pay Off Debts Quickly

Debts usually come with different repayment tenure and will always come with interest charges. You can prioritize interest applicable debts in order of importance. You should start paying debts that come with higher amounts of interest first in order to clear debt efficiently though this means paying extra to clear high interest debts or finding ways to limit the interest amounts.
You can transfer debts to zero per cent interest credit cards with long introductory interest free periods as a viable solution to repaying debts without interest.

How You Can Implement Money Management Skills

You can explore a number of ways to put money management skills into practice. These ways or methods include:

1. Never incur missed or late payments charges on loans, credit cards and overdrafts.

2. Have a budget before shopping and stick to it to avoid impulse purchases.

3. Ignore easy credit payment options when making daily purchases.

4. Pay certain bills on time to get discounts from providers.

5. You can economize in the home by looking for the best deals with services such as fuel bills.

6. You should recognize that some purchases are simply unnecessary.

7. Adhere to monthly budgets for a few months without fail to see how much money you have actually saved.

Following all these tips will definitely make you a money management expert for a debt free life.

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