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Become A College Instructor To Earn Income

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college-instructorThere is a very dignified way to earn money on the internet by simply making some people take advantage of your personal knowledge. You can leverage your knowledge whether in mathematics, accounting, computer science or French … You can by this way,gain more income, working a few hours a day.

When you think about it, to solve the equations, you will have first had to learn the mathematical bases in primary school (CP, CE1, CE2 ..) and college (6th, 5th) to finally be able to equations in the fourth. If you add up all these years, it will therefore you took 7 years to finally be able to solve equations.

Given time and arduous journey it cost you (remember, the 6th of math teacher who never missed a to persecute you ..), it is imperative to convert these hundreds of hours working cash.

For this, we will have to give private lessons. Whether you have basic knowledge in mathematics, physics and chemistry high school level, whether you are holding a CAP, or a university degree, sites allow you to do tutoring.

Parents of students increasingly prefer this method of tutoring, because their children are often still online. To this, no need for these children to have to travel to visit a teacher ..

There are several tutoring sites, the most common being On these sites, you must register and learn your skills. You will soon find a student who wishes to receive tutoring in your discipline, time slots that may suit you. You can, through these courses, expect to earn about 600 to 700 Dollars per month just working a few hours a day. If you want to offer courses full-time, you can earn more than 1,500 Dollars per month from home. Be aware that some tutors have even higher wages. Indeed, the various assessments that allow students to tutor allows them to create a reputation , and therefore increase the price of their services. You will be paid directly by the site that office platform between students and tutors, using micropayment systems (like Paypal).

Become A College Instructor To Earn Income : Are teachers paid during major holidays

Yes ! But they are paid differently depending on whether they are teachers appointed permanently or incurred temporarily and, not a little, in terms of salary amount of the payment deadline.

For temporary in late July and late August, the temporary teaching has a “delayed treatment “. This is a percentage of salary he is entitled on the basis of its services during the past school year. From 1 September to 30 June: the teacher’s salary has exercised its interim is calculated using daily benefits . Or 1 / 360th of the annual salary to which he is entitled multiplied by the number of days he actually worked. During the summer holidays: the teacher receives a deferred salary which is approximately 20% of revenues he has received during the past academic year. The payment of the deferred salary will be paid: late July and late August for people who have taught for equal to or longer than 15 weeks, late August and late September for those who’s acting was a period of less than 15 weeks ..

For teachers appointed permanently Teachers who have a full-time salary definitively paid every month- including July and August- the same way. Their monthly salary, they therefore receive 12 months of 12, is equal to one-twelfth of the annual salary to which they are entitled.


Impart knowledge

Teachers college and high school each have their favorite discipline :

literature ;


physical ;

history geography;

modern languages ​​…

But their main role remains the same : to transmit knowledge .

Assist insertion

All secondary teachers contribute to the formation and education of students, to promote social and professional integration . They guide the students and teach them how to organize their own work.

Assess acquired

Teachers, together with their preparation work , spend a lot of time :

prepare lessons ;

imagine adapted exercises ;

prepare homework and interrogations ;

correct copies.

Participate in the life of the institution Teachers are part of the teaching team. They work in collaboration with their colleagues, but also with the CPE ( principal educational adviser ) , the principal and parents of students. Together they reflect on the orientation of college or high school and the specific situations of the students when necessary .Teachers finally participate in extracurricular activities , such as visits, language courses , multidisciplinary outings …

WORKING CONDITIONS OF A TEACHER IN SCHOOL OR COLLEGE different structures The teachers working in secondary schools : college or high school. But they can be exercised at a public institution or a private institution . Or in a general high school or vocational school..In some cases, class sizes are variable , students are more or less interested in certain subjects …different materialsExactly, there is a wide range of materials to college and high school. Students entering 6th , learn to manage a schedule , changing class and teacher discipline.Lessons multiply to college:french ;mathematics;English;music ;EPS ;technology ;chemical Physics;music ;Arts -plastic …According pathways teachers inculcate materials even more diverse : accounting, medical and social science and technology , electronics …

Class work and at home 

Teachers provide 18 hours of classes per week (15 if they are aggregated ) . But this is not the total number of hours worked . Therefore adds a personal work. The evening meetings between teachers, or meetings with parents, also require to stay late in the facility.

How Much earn a Teacher In School Or College ? A certified teacher of second degree earns about $ 1,500 per month early career , and $ 3,000 at retirement .If he is an associate , the teacher starts at about $ 1,800 per month.In addition to these wage annual bonuses , allowances and possibly some overtime.



Teachers need to attract a whole group of young teenagers. They must adapt their methods, but also their tone for each class. They help students to stay in school with the school system , in addition to inculcate knowledge and skills.


But teachers must also be firm . To progress , students must attend classes and make personal works .

Physical and psychological resistance

Teachers may have to deal with so-called “difficult” classes that can be more difficult to manage early career . Being strong enough to withstand certain words and not to show nervousness are qualifications

Become A College Instructor To Earn Income : Being a professor today

To try to give some ideas about my approach to teaching, I will address two main areas: one of my motivations and that of the obstacles encountered in the performance of this business. I am a teacher of Arts in History-professional high school for five years, four of which passed to Joliot-Curie high school in Dammarie-les-Lys, in Seine-et-Marne. My first training is the history (Masters of Contemporary History). Why did I choose this profession? It occurred to me always “natural”; I do not know if we should speak of vocation but since I was aware of what could be a profession, I wanted to be a teacher. At first I imagined to be a teacher, but after a few internships in kindergarten during my university studies, I realized that this land did not suit me. So I chose to be a secondary school teacher. The option for a vocational high school was without real conviction: I passed along the history and geography Capes and aggregation of history, and it is the PLP 2 I was admitted .

The underlying motives for this job are different today than they were at the beginning of my career. There are five years old, I thought that teaching was to transmit knowledge, to give flavor somehow share a passion for a subject, history and geography. Now I am much more humble: I hope to contribute to “rehabilitate” students often “mutilated” by the school system, restore their desire to be, again, students and forge a future. Re-confidence of young in check and make them understand that we can succeed in giving the right means. My education is part of a whole. To get there, he had to agree to demystify the subject I teach and which is dear to me, be anything other than a holder of knowledge, especially the need to accept also be a educator. The challenge then is to know to what extent. Students often tell me that “all this is useless.” Given this situation, I have found only two alternatives: either revolt me ​​every time I hear this kind of talk, or to grieve a certain educational content to go further in different human relationships. This transition has not been easy: leave the Iufm is precisely only to educational content that we cling. We are faced with students in personal construction, this is to allow the passage of adolescents to adulthood, with all that that entails difficulties, questions and uncertainties. For this, it must, I think, give them the keys to understanding the world in which they live, allow them to be autonomous individuals, think and develop critical thinking. Too bad they do not know everything about a particular historical or literary subject, if I allowed them to be curious and somewhat critical of these subjects. It should definitely teach life skills and know-how, the two are linked and must remain equally. Finally, teaching is also educating.

Furthermore, we confront colleagues whose principles, choices different from ours. This implies to accept criticism, to question, to exchange ideas and approaches. It either is not easy dialogue, but it is very rewarding when it exists. It also allows us to renew ourselves, to try new learning experiences. Naturally, we meet brakes and obstacles to the exercise of this profession. The first is the need for a discipline that must constantly develop within the classroom. We are dealing with difficult students, conflicts exist that can be violent. Confrontation is physically exhausting and especially psychologically, leaving us some days very demoralized. One can lose trust and not knowing really what they serve. There are also undeniable physical constraints: without wanting to pay in the cartoon, it is true that our work is based on the needs in human resources, staffing on concepts. Now the class size is a key criterion for success. Today, it refuses increasingly interesting projects while we impose hours and often unnecessary work perspectives that do not correspond completely to what we need. Thus, and this is a recurring drift of our profession, the teacher is asked to intervene in far too many areas: it must be both teacher, psychologist, educator (sometimes specialized), guaranteeing the integration of student in the workplace, team coordinator … To want too scatter, did he not lose efficiency and coherence? The new outlook for vocational courses announce the disappearance of some Bep in favor of a “Bac Pro” in three years; or some students do not have all the required level to enter this degree. It is also the future status of the teacher who is revisited through the terminology of “school of business.” Finally, the evolution of our role is increasingly linked to economic constraints that aim to make profitable school, so she must primarily train students and citizens.

Sheet Profession: Professor of Mathematics math works to transmit his knowledge to his students by teaching them a solid foundation in the discipline . Its objective is no different from that of all of his colleagues : contributing to the education of young students in order to promote their professional and social integration .How to become a professor of mathematics? Here are the missions, necessary training, compensation … 



The duties of professor of mathematics are:• Its central mission is that of the transmission of knowledge . This requires a considerable amount of work beforehand . The teacher prepares conscientiously and its supports before each class , based both on the agenda set by the National Education on its own working methods.• When providing its course , it ensures to involve the whole class and make the tracking of students most personalized possible. It plays an important role in the leadership of a good dynamic between students .  


The math teacher , just like all the teachers working in college or high school, has authority and qualities of energy . The classes are becoming more numerous and personalities as diverse , the mission of the teacher requires some nerve and physical strength. The task is not easy , he must know how to handle flexibility and severity in order to encourage students while managing to maintain calm in his class .Mathematics is often a dreaded terms of students , so the teacher must show patience and unlimited pedagogy. Material indispensable in building the professional background? like the French ? the accompaniment should be strengthened and personalized at best. 

MATHEMATICS TEACHER CAREER / POSSIBLE CHANGES : The evolution of a math teacher is largely determined by obtaining the aggregation , which will allow it access to teaching positions in high school or even college. 


The profession is relatively favorable to young graduates , increasingly rare to appear in the field of the teaching of science subjects. The number of retirements is important staffing frequently renewed. In 2012, approximately 950 positions were open to the CAPES in mathematics, and 308 in the contest of aggregation. The evolution depends on the steps of the Ministry of Education in favor of an increase in staff . 

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