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10 Hot Tips For Investing In The Stock Market

September 15, 2012 by: 0

Investing in the stock market regardless of the part of the world you are is an art requiring sound knowledge of the market cycle, time, close monitoring, adequate fund to play the market and ability to be ahead of the market in terms of getting timely information before they play out.

Short and Long Term investing in the stock market are both profitable but dependent on a number of factors like risk averseness of the investor, time of entry into the market, information, sentiment, right speculation and access to large pool of fund with very low interest rate.
For a successful trading, you can make use of the following ten hot tips for investing in the stock market.

Enter The Stock Market Early

For a long term investing, it is better if you start at an early age because young people have the advantage or tendency to hold on to investments without being under pressure to sell.
Holding on to investments would enable you to ride the inevitable volatility with the prospect of good returns over the long run.

Define Your Investment Goals

Your success in the stock market starts with your investment goals whether you will need the money in the short, medium or long term and sticking to it without acting on impulse to sell prematurely. You should know that the stock market will go up and it will come down.
As a successful investor, you will ba able to ride the wave and realize the greatest returns on your investments as you remain focused on your goals which may include owning your dream home, giving your children the best possible education or planning for a secure retirement.

Have Long Term Investment Plan

Historically, stocks have generally outperformed other investment classes over the long term. It is therefore important to have a long-term perspective when you invest in the stock market. You cannot predict accurately what the stock market will do tomorrow because sometimes it makes sense and at other times no one can really explain why it is acting in a certain way.
Many factors however influence the performance of the stock market such as market trends and economic forecasts, the political situation, investor perception, emotions, greed and fear.

Seek Professional Advice

As a new investor, you will surely need help of professionals who have the expertise and an enormous amount of information with which they can make informed decisions and guide you appropriately. You will be less dependent in making certain investment decisions once you are more accustomed to the market.

Invest Wisely In The Stock Market

There are usually no guarantees in the stock market investment, so it is important for you to be aware of the risk that goes with it and invest only fund you can afford to lose. If you cannot bear any loss of money, it is best to steer clear and invest in guaranteed investments such as fixed deposits, Certificates of Deposit and other money market instruments where your principal is guaranteed.
However, you should note that playing it too safe is not necessarily the winning formula because if you invest all your money in guaranteed investments, your investments will hardly keep apace with inflation.

Don’t Follow Impulse Blindly

You should know that the ”get in, get out and make a killing” approach comes with much risk as it is observed that many new investors are enticed by short-term profits. You can make lots of money by actively trading in the short term but be careful.
Do not jump into the market after many investors have already acted as it may be too late and you would have missed the boat because stock markets usually move long before any news becomes clear.
It is best to be positioned before the main directional change takes place and this takes some understanding of the market. Bear in mind that when you make an investment, you should know your reasons for doing so because relying on every rumour or tit bit from your friends or neighbours is gambling.

Buy Stocks Low And Sell High

The beauty of the stock market is your ability to buy stocks low and sell them high but unfortunately many investors do the exact opposite as they invest when the market is already rallying. You should note that a market decline is not the time to panic and sell, but rather to take advantage of the lower prices by investing in strong companies at bargain prices.

Invest Regularly In The Stock Market

Having a systematic investment plan will afford you the opportunity of cost averaging in buying shares, meaning that when you buy stocks when the market prices are low as well as when they are high over the long term, you will end up buying your stocks at a lower average cost.

Diversify Your Investments

Diversification is essential when it comes to buying shares because it is unwise to put all your eggs in one basket. It is best to diversify by buying shares in different companies and sectors since losses caused by downslide in one sector may be covered by a rise in another as it is unlikely that all segments will perform in exactly the same way and decline together.

Improve Your Knowledge Of Investing

Improving your knowledge of investing is the best investment you can make in yourself. You can have access to a plethora of information and research by professional analysts and experts which will guide you appropriately.
Create the time to build yourself through articles and seminars as you will be surprised to see how much you can learn in a year. Bear in mind that investing is a journey towards achieving your goals so keeping them and working towards your master plan would guard you against market hype and volatility.
You will do yourself more good if you apply these ten tips for investing in the stock market whenever you consider this kind of investment class.

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